Busy Month and Lovely Sister!

What a busy month! I have deadline and must finish 3 books that will publish in early July. As an editor, I handle 3 cooking recipes books on June because they must publish before Ramadhan and Idul Fitri come. Alhamdulillah.. 2 books already finish, ready to publish, and will be available on bookstores as soon as possible. Horaaayy! If you love cooking and love to try new recipes, please buy some of my books... Hehehe... :D Here they are:

Recipes of Indonesian Foods
This kind of two books content recipes of Indonesian foods that you can cook daily. Easy to cook and of course delicious! Hohoho.. Other book is about Italian Food that have not ready to publish yet... But I will finish it as soon as possible!

Next story is about my sister, Furky Syahroni. Finally, she goes home after have game match in Dutch and Ceko. She and her team WON the Prague Softball Week 2011, Ceko. Horraaayy... They got bronze. For complete stories, you can click here: http://www.detiksport.com/read/2011/06/28/023727/1670055/82/softball-putri-indonesia-peringkat-3-di-ceko

So proud of you, Uki... :)
Furky, Pitcher of Indonesian Team
And she is a loveable sister! She didn't forget to bring me some gift! Hahaha...

Some chocolates, cheese, postcards, and many more!

The last but not the least, my favorite one. She bring me shoes.... :D :D
Ready for the next Devil Wears Prada :))
Now, my sister Furky still in training for next game match: SEA GAMES! Please pray for her and Indonesian Team, friends.. :)

ps: Mencoba nulis blog dalam Bahasa Inggris. Masih belajar, masih belepotan :p

Love is real, real is love. -John Lennon-


langkah fie said…
SELAMAT FURKY dan TIM, selalu semangat yah ^-^

Rhein, bener banget ini bulan bulan sibuk, sempet gak yah nyobain resep es campurnya hiks jadi pengen :(
Juminten said…
Waaa... selamat ya buat adikmu. ^^
Woh, sepatunya tampak menarik.
Tapi... Tapi... Tapiiii... sepertinya bukan seleraku. Hehehe... ;P
nikinikari said…
uwaaa.. selamat ya buat adeknya mba rhein. iya, sepatunya lucu deh. postcardnya juga. pengen deh pengen. haha :D

selamat berjuang ya mba rhien nyelesein buku satunya :D ayo ayo semangat terus ya :DD

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