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2022: Slightly Romantic Comedy

Here come the end of year so let me write and bit contemplate. I started this year by defending my diploma thesis and got excellent result (Yeay!). I was so happy no more study and just enjoying life by just work, gym, and relax. My brother came to stay in Prague for about a month and we travelled around Czech Rep. It was really refreshing to have my family here after I was trapped because of Covid-19 and can't see them.  Then, I went home on Spring for two months. Finally can celebrate Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr with whole family in Indonesia. We also travelled to some islands and I did many adventure activities that I can't do in Prague (snorkeling, surfing, swimming in the sea, islands hopping, sailing, etc). I visited many restaurants and ate all my favourite foods and snacks in my hometown. So so happy!  While celebrating my freedom in my country after finishing my master degree, my Mom asked my promise that I will start date again after I finished school. Ugh! I mean, yeah