You'll be Missed, Mele

It brokes my heart so bad when my Mom called and told me that he was gone forever. Then, I cried for hours.

He came to our house years ago and made us fell in love effortlessly. He was an active cat and love to play, so we never really made him stay at home. He always came at day, played with us, asked for food, and when we're going to sleep, he will just went out. Maybe played with other cats in neighborhood or tried to catch mice. He hated being trapped. Sometimes he gave us his hunting prey as gift; mice, lizard, or cockroach.

Some said that cat is smart animal and they saw human as other creature at the same level with them. So yeah, as he became our family member, sometimes we had hard time. When he was in badmood because Mom accidentally stepped on his tail, or when he was angry and scratched me because I postponed his lunch (he need diet, he was too fat back then), or when he was just go away from home because we're all too busy with work and didn't pay attention to him.
But mostly, we had good times and sweet memories. He loved surrounded by family, so he will joined us watch TV or just took a nap together. He was smart and sneaky especially for food. First, he will lured my sis to gave him food. After he succeed getting food from her, he will lured my bro to gave him food. Then he will lured me, Mom, and Dad, so he could get lot of food. That's why he became fat. He was so clingy and loved to hug, kiss, or just lay on my lap while I was working. He was cute and warm, so I don't mind. As he also became cat in our office, he loved to meet clients or just follow wherever Mom moved while talking on the phone. And he never missed any chance if we had employee meeting. He'll acted as the boss, of course. 
Unlike other 'kucing kampung', Mele was quite tall and big. Every people who saw him always commented, "Is it a cat?" LOL. Most of them felt intimidated because he had sharp eyes and ready-to-pounce gesture. But surely he was a sweetheart. He was just a big kitten. 

I loved to talked to him, about anything. I know we communicate in different way, but I felt he could understand while I sad or stressed. Just hugged him made me feel less-stress. My family feel the same way about him too. He was a neutral zone while other family member were having problems. 

Cat has nine life, they said. Well, we know he survived from many nearly-dead moment. But not today. He was gone forever. Rest in peace, Buddy. Sleep well, Sweetheart. Thank you for all the memories, thank you for being with us for years, thank you for survived so many times so we can spend more time, thank you for teach us to have a soft heart, thank you for teach us to love in different perspective. 

We love you, Mele.


Love is real, real is love. -John Lennon-


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