Simple Girl

I rarely bring fancy handbag, backpack still the most comfortable for me.
I don't have pretty wallet. Even mine is simpler than men's wallet, the small one for cards and a little money inside.
I don't wear branded dress. I bought when I need it, the cheap one or discount price, as long as it fit and comfy.
I do love make up. I choose nude and natural look colour, then put them inside travel size pocket. I still want to look pretty when I take selfie.
My shoes, sure it should be high quality because I wear them everyday for my journey. Good shoes, healthy feet, amazing journey.
I'm a simple girl in appearance, but pretty sure not in experience.

Love is real, real is love. -John Lennon-


Rd said…
endingnya itu yg paling penting
mariadenok said…
Patut di contoh uuuulala

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