He and I

The writings below are one of assignments from creative writing course I took in Sydney Uni. An essay I try to recreate from original version of "He and I" by Natalia Ginzburg. I got positive compliment from my professor for this writings (because the other assignments are just like sh*t, LOL). 
He and I
He plans for almost everything. I plan for only important things. Since we’re met in high school, he has planned his life for next ten and twenty years. I was planned only for which university I will go.
He loves travel. I love travel too. One day we decided to go to Bali to spend annual leave. He bought tickets, booked hotel, rented motorbike, and told me about detail schedule for five days we will spend. I just agree or he will so fussy and argue that his plan was the most effective and efficient way to explore fascinating places in Bali in a short time. He does everything in a rush even we’re not in a hurry; I prefer to do everything slowly. At the airport, he was impatient when queuing for check in. I was paying attention to people’s behaviour; what they bring, what they wear, how is their expression, are they traveling alone or in a group.
He hates wasting time shopping. I love shopping so much. If we go to buy something, he focuses to look for what he need, take, and pay it. I will look for what I need too and stop for a while in every eye-catching object, then thinking maybe I will need it. At souvenir shop in our fourth day in Bali, I distracted by unique stuffs and forgot the time. It was afternoon. He mad because we missed watching sunset on the beach as he planned. I upset because even I’m happy we’re succeed visiting captivating places on his to-do-list, I deserve my kind of holiday; slowly and enjoy the moment. Then we missed his plan to have dinner. We just lied on the beach and saw the sky getting dark. It was full of stars.  

Love is real, real is love. -John Lennon-


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