I have a lot imagination about us. We'll meet in Indonesia on February 2021, he'll ask to marry me, I'll say yes. He'll come to Czech after I finish my school, we'll travel around Europe. We'll go to Iceland to see aurora, we'll go to Paris and I'll show him it's not as pretty as people imagine. Prague is much prettier! I'll show him my school, my office, my fave parks. I'll take him to Petrin Tower to see Prague city from high place. I'll take him to Prague Castle and we'll visit every museum and discuss history. Both of us love those topic. We'll drink wine and eat trdelnik near Astronomical Clock. We'll go to other cities in Czech Republic, visit castles just like Prince & Princess, hike the hills, eat ice creams, laugh because of silly things. Since we're couple, we'll hold hand when we walk, we'll kiss under the stars and moonlight. Then, we'll go back to Indonesia, build our business.

But, he's not coming to Europe. He decide not to. One plan cancelled. Could be others too. It left me be the one who hurt myself from my own imagination.

Other thing, he said infidelity is okay, because life is high risk high return. Well, I hope he can takes care his sister and train her how to deal with betrayal and traitor. Because I've been there done that. Unpleasant.

See the pic? Pretty isn't it? I saw it from my bedroom, so white, soft, and pure. But once I went out bare, reality froze me deadly. 

Love is real, real is love. -John Lennon-


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